Adolescents, a Teacher, and a Living School


Tal Birdsey's "Hearts of the Mountain" to be released April 14, 2020 from Green Writers Press

Tal Birdsey's Hearts of the Mountain: Adolescents, a Teacher, and a Living School   

sketches an utterly unique entity: an independent and virtual one-room middle school in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Hearts of the Mountain takes a deep look into an intimate, wild, and unpredictable year of learning, in and out of the classroom, with a diverse collection of funny, profound, troubled, and hopeful adolescents.

“If education interests you—if kids interest you— this is a magical story.”  —Bill McKibben


I promise you, from the first page, the first few paragraphs, you will be captured by this book. Birdsey is a beautiful writer, and he tells a story of great power and beauty the story of a year in the life of a rural school and the lives of twenty-seven memorable students, their time together rendered with a novelist’s skill and a true teacher’s wisdom.”    —Mike Rose, author of Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America 

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